Brian Melville


Brian Melville is from Mawbray near Maryport in Cumbria England.

He is a multi-talented musician who took early retirement from a long career in teaching in Cumbria having originally gone to school in Wigton at The Nelson Thomlinson School. He has known Andrew Titcombe of Loose since then but it is only recently that they have worked together.

Wearing another hat many people around Cumbria will have seen him perform solo or as part of his jazz combo.

Brian says, “Children begin the learning of music from nursery rhymes. They are such an important part of the early music processes” He recently encouraged a local school to issue a CD of their own version of popular songs and recorded them after many rehearsals to produce a great fund raiser for that school.

He has performed in Germany and also written a musical which played at the Edinburgh Festival, not to mention years of school concerts and recordings so he is ideally placed to help local schools through his newly set-up company Solway Music ( He already has a waiting list of schools anxious to use his expertise but I have a feeling they might have to wait a while.

Brian’s website – Solway Music


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Brian is a multi-talented British musician who recently took early retirement from a long career in teaching to fulfil a lifelong ambition to record and release his own productions BUT do it as a fulltime career.

Wearing another hat many people around the UK will have seen him perform solo or as part of his jazz combo.

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