Cattle Company


Label: Loose Records and Music

Music genre: Country

“Big Town after Dark” was a big release for Loose Records and Music but sadly the Distribution Company folded forcing the main investor in the release to pull out so sales had to be done on a local level. Created a lot on interest and featured in several European country charts as well as farther afield. See their own website for up to date news.

Artiste Website: Cattle Company


Cattle Company “Big Town After Dark”

Year: 2001

Format: CD Album

Description: Big Town After Dark is a vibrant, lively album. Recorded at Belfast’s Green Dolphin studio and produced by Michael Keeney. The band’s influences are mixed and this is reflected in their style. Sounds from Hank Williams to The Clash and traditional Irish music to Elvis Costello all provide the basis for their very own brand of new country.

  1. Friday night is comin’ round
  2. Stagger and stumble
  3. Time is short
  4. Perfume and a promise
  5. Big town after dark
  6. Alone together
  7. Suffer for you
  8. Let me in
  9. Before I knew her name
  10. Maguire’s fancy (instrumental)