Diddle Diddle Doodle Too


Release date: November 6th 2006

A new CD of Action Songs and Traditional Nursery Rhymes from Loose Records

Loose Records have added a new dimension to the nursery rhyme series they started last year. The previously released Diddle Diddle Doodle Doo CD was all music and most of them well-known favourites. Now in Volume Two – aptly entitled Diddle Diddle Doodle Too – we have spoken word nursery rhymes and action songs. The original CD of songs as downloads have been popular around the world.

JANET MANSFIELD is Loose Records’ new collaborator in the campaign to restore nursery rhymes to their proper place in the early years learning process. Janet has contributed some spoken word nursery rhymes herself as well as suggesting songs for Caroline to sing. She teaches youngsters using some infrequently heard rhymes and they love it – especially those that require actions.

CAROLINE SWEENEY normally would be found singing jazz round venues in Cumbria in the beautiful Lake District area of England UK – so why the nursery rhymes, I ask, and so she tells me: –

BRIAN MELVILLE is the musical maestro behind these nursery rhyme CDs. The success of Diddle Diddle Doodle Doo made it an easy decision to bring out a second volume. Brian, a Cumbrian by birth, is a multi-talented musician who has also been very involved in teaching in Cumbria having originally attended school, in Wigton at The Nelson Thomlinson School. He continues to teach music in primary schools. “It is essential in music education for the groundwork to be put in place as a young age, especially in singing” he says, “Good musical habits have to be instilled at an early age.”

These are the 32 tracks:

  1. A little mouse……spoken
  2. Aeroplanes
  3. Build the house up very high………spoken
  4. Everybody knows I love my toes
  5. Did you ever see a penguin come to tea
  6. Five currant buns
  7. Five little ducks
  8. Five little firemen
  9. Five little monkeys
  10. Five little peas……………spoken
  11. Five little speckled frogs
  12. Head shoulders baby one two three
  13. Heads shoulders knees annd toes
  14. Humpty dumpty
  15. Hickory dickory dock
  16. I’m a little teapot
  17. Keep on dancing
  18. Knees together feet apart
  19. Last evening cousin Peter came
  20. My jack-in-the-box
  21. Miss Polly
  22. One elephant
  23. See the little bunny sleeping
  24. Ten fat sausages……….spoken
  25. The wheels on the bus
  26. There’s a big eyed owl….spoken
  27. Tommy Thumb can dance
  28. Tommy thumb where are you
  29. Two fat gentlemen met in the lane…….spoken
  30. When all the world was sleeping
  31. When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears
  32. Wind the bobbin up

Listen here.

Distributed by Crucial Music but also available at outlets through Cumbria.