Lemon Grass


Music genre: Country

Award winning Cumbrian Country band who signed to Loose Records and Music Records in the mid-nineties. Sadly a planned CD album never came to fruition as personnel changes made it difficult for the band to produce enough material. Still touring and have had a CD our recently. See their own website for up to date news.

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Lemon Grass “True Brit”

Year: 1993

Format: Cassette Album / CD Album

Includes the BCMR Awards Winning Single “A Breath Is All It Takes”.

  1. Changing Rules
  2. Truck Off The Road
  3. Mending Hearts
  4. Ouse River Blues
  5. 40 & Bone Dry
  6. Easy Come Easy Go
  7. Let’s Get The Hell Out Of Texas
  8. I’ll Wait For You
  9. Here’s Your Hat What’s Your Hurry?
  10. I Want Home
  11. Shakedown Man
  12. A Breath Is All It Takes