Pete Bite


Label: Loose Records and Music

Music genre: Power Pop

PETE BITE (real name PETER MAHON) was born in Belfast and spent most of his childhood, raised by his Aunt Ena, in Downpatrick, a lovely little town near the Mountains of Mourne where St Patrick is buried, County Down, Northern Ireland.

Pete was involved in music all his life, playing in the local Brass Band since he was ten. He was writing songs long before he could play an instrument and at fifteen he joined a local pop group playing drums.

In 1971 Pete formed his own band and commenced touring, as a professional singer/songwriter, all over Europe.

He got his first publishing deal in 1973 with Mickie Most and Rak Records. Although Pete wrote lots of songs for other recording artists, he didn’t release his first single until 1981. It was a song titled ‘Bite me, I taste nice’ on EMI Records. It was in the top 50 most unpleasant song titles of 1981, a fact that Pete is proud of.

He continued writing, performing and touring all through the eighties but in 1993 Pete became ill and decided to stop performing.

In 1994 Pete became an actor and has appeared on many TV programmes such as The Bill and Eastenders. He has just completed his first film, which he has written and directed.