TWO new albums from Pete Bite

Pete Bite is re-issuing his past albums on Loose Records. The first two are now available as finished CDs and as downloads on iTunes etc.

PETE’S first BITE of the music business.

In the early 1970’s Pete formed a band in Northern Ireland with Gerry Tweedie (Bass), Denis McCann (Drums) and Sean Poland (Guitar) called ‘Friends’ They were offered a tour of Scotland backing two Country & Western singers, Carmel and Gerry.

The band was based in Glasgow where they played the clubs and pubs including the Celtic and Rangers football clubs. Their very first gig was on a cold December evening in the Clydebank football social club. While they where in the dressing room someone walking onto the stage in front of hundreds of people and stole one of their microphones. Throughout that year their experience of Glasgow included a thief trying to run off with their PA mixer at a gig in the Irish Club, Grobals and their van with all their equipment being stolen when they stopped for a cup of tea in Maryhill. They saw the van drive pass and gave chase but it was three days later before the van was discovered abandoned and empty.

They struggled from one thief to another but managed to survive in the tough city for over a year and from Glasgow as their base, they travelled to Thurso at the very top of Scotland down to the border town of Carlisle. They would play in every town and city that had a club or hall including Doroch, Dingwall, Inverness, Elgin, Peterhead, Dundee and Edinburgh. Pete remembers driving up and down the east of Scotland more times than going to the toilet.

Their journey south of Glasgow included just as many venues in as many towns such as Kilmarnock, Ayr, Newton Stewart, Lockerbie and even Gretna Green. They also played the major venues in Cumbria including ‘The Talk of the Border’ Carlisle and the White Heather Hotel.

“We seemed to be in our van more often than on stage”, Pete recalls.

The band were in great demand and Pete’s most poignant memory of that tour is going to bed every morning at 6am when it was getting light and getting up at 6pm when it was getting dark. He can’t remember seeing any daylight for over a year.

When the boys had a rare moment of free time they would rehearse some of Pete’s songs and eventually, when they discovered a little recording studio in a town outside Glasgow called Falkirk, they made their first demos.

Even though it was the first time they had been in a recording studio, the raw and distinctive sound of the band got them noticed when Pete took the demos to London. Mickie Most was so knocked out by what he heard that he signed Pete to RAK Records there and then.